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27 Aug. 2019

What Trading Books Do You Recommend Reading?

There are quite a few good reads to get you into the market and then there are many fly-by-writters whose sole purpose in writing a book is to market a gimmick or to market themselves Still, even in those types of books you may pick up some useful information so don’t automatically discredit a book because it looks to gimmicky.

That said, the first type of book I recommend you read is a book on charting. In order to trade stocks you need to be able to read a chart because you will be reading charts a lot in your trading career. Now, most charting books are based on the same theories so it doesn’t really matter which one you choose. But once you get one, study it and learn as much as you can because being able to read a chart will provide you with essential information on when to buy and sell a stock.

In conclusions, a good charting book should be first on your shopping list as a beginner stock trader. Good luck.

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