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About us

Company Overview

Stock Mudra established in 2015 in Sonipat Haryana by a group of stock market traders. It is  a one-stop equity and mcx research firm where you can get research ideas for trading in Intraday Btst, Stbt, positional trading in Nse stocks and Mcx market.  Stock Mudra focusing sharply on market movements to provide clients an edge over others.

 We have over 12 years of diverse experience in share market trading. We have seen 3 lower and 1 Upper Circuits in our trading life. During this time we found  few charting software, few data providers and a lot of studies available on various forums. There is so many Websites showing Huge Profits and claiming even 100 % accuracy which is not possible in the stock market. Traders pay heavy charges for so called Jackpot and Rocket tips and after the services Period ends, there is no result even sometimes huge losses too.

Then we introduced in 2015 for Intraday and Positional Trader’s help. We have been successfully trading with our calculations and decided to pass on the benefits to retail traders. We are based in Haryana . Many traders from all over India and some from abroad too, are encouraging Stock Mudra services with their feedback.                 

We help our clients getting clear-cut research-based guidance on what to do in trading. It is not only about research ideas for trading, its more about preserving & growing capital of our clients.

There are many ways a Smart Advisor can help you to protect your hard earned money. A Smart Advisor knows that money is like water, and if you don’t know how to hold or keep it, it will run through your fingers. Stock Mudra will help you to set financial objectives, and by setting financial goals you can both protect and grow your assets.

All our stock tips are purely based on technical analysis. Our technical analyst use most reliable and updated software’s and Chart pattern to track the market. We give buy or sell call with quantity at Entry price, Target and Stop Loss.To get better returns, trade on each of our tip don’t be selective because each of our tip is based on high research. If you maintain all trades equal value then only we can balance our profits and losses systematically.

New traders often end up losing money because they do not have access to market data to take the right decision. Even if they get access to data, things are so cluttered that it becomes difficult to connect the dots and figure out the winning strategy. Starting a small business in trading stocks is relatively easy, but you should learn the art and science of risk management which is vital. Take care to protect your hard earned money and prepare to make consistent profits. This is risky business and should be approached with the knowledge.

Our Vision

  • To create a business opportunity for the people as a life long career & reduce unemployment.
  • To help common traders in identifying the traps of fake stock market advisors.
  • To generate a handsome income for small businessman ,housewives, retired persons, Students etc.

Our Mission

Stock Mudra is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in our relationship with you.Conveying slow, steady and prosperous results through Market proposals gave to you by best in class individuals.

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