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Has your existing share market tips advisor provided you with fantastic Intraday or Positional trading results? If not, then you are on the right place .Our intraday Equity cash and Postitional Stock Future results are outstanding. Start your trading and see the difference. StockMudra is providing recommendations to its traders in Stock markets based on Technical study. Most of our recommendations are intraday in nature despite the fact that some calls may come in Btst/Stbt format. We provide expert recommendations in Stock cash, Stock futures, Nifty and Bank Nifty Investing futures . We have completely dedicated staff members who take full care of traders separately online and through telephonic support round the clock. 

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The share market Trading is a serious business. In stock market trading you will need a good trading method and good money management policies. You will also need four very most important weapons:- 1. Confidence, 2. Discipline, 3. Focus, 4. Patience. If you have those four important weapons, then you can win definitely in the share market and earn a huge profit for your luxury life style.

Intraday Trading  also known as Day Trading, Intraday Trading is trading procedure where you take a position on a stock and release that position before the end of that trading day’s trading session. OR In the share market Buying and selling equity on same day is called intraday trading. Suppose you purchase 100 shares of any company like Tata motors in the morning when market opens and holds it for 1, 2, 3 hrs. and sell it before market closes.

So Why One More Advisor Now?

Well we are just not another stock tips or stock picks advisor, claiming to crack the Indian Stock Market code or provide you with quick money making tricks. We are an ideal platform for people to get the right and actionable insights on managing equity, derivatives and personal finance matters. Our products and services are built upon the core principle of putting Client interest first-Safety and Appreciation of Capital.

  • Qualified and Experienced team – We are doing self trading since 2010. Above 12 Years of Experience .
  • Transparent – We are a transparent firm with highest ethical and business practices
  • Not Money Minded – Our only source of revenue is our own trading and reasonable subscription fee you pay to us.
  • Not a Stock Broker – We don’t believe in churning your portfolio to generate brokerage revenue!
  • No False Promises – We do not make Sure shot or 100% accuracy claims
  • Disciplined – We believe in consistent mentoring and coaching right from Day 1 to keep you financially fit
  • Excellence – We follow rigorous processes to deliver timely updates and consistent performance!
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Don’t Follow Market Experts on Tv Blindly

Can you believe that these so called Pundits or market expert who sits down all days on business TVs channels, are doing trading on their own recommendation ???

The answer is very simple — No, Never

They can only create confusion for real share market traders.

Not Agreed??

Ok then you should listen to them carefully again. You never get a clear idea about your trade. You feel, they advise you to exit, hold, average at the same time. It’s always funny to watch them when you feel board, but not on trading time. You know it is very easy to create a website and send tips to anybody, but it’s very difficult to use the same tips in your own trading a/c.

I used services of some big name who are present on business channel most of the day. But I was surprised about their paid services results. They may be good for long term investment but they all had very bad calls for trading.

If you switch on to any finance TV channel, you will find an expert analyzing the market and offering recommendations on stocks that investors can consider. You will also find many people following them and claiming massive gains on social media platforms. Following such experts blindly or following market trends without analyzing whether the recommendation fits into your investment plan can be dangerous.

Stay Safe.

How Much Money Can You Make from Share Market Trading ?

Many people who get into the business of stock trading like to ask the question “how much money can I make?”, which is often the wrong question to ask because the answers are so dynamic and differ based on who you work for and what you trade.
There have been traders who have made billions of Rupees in a single calendar year. This isn’t really that rare of a feat but let’s just say that you’d have to be in the top 10 or 20 traders in the world to be able to achieve a billion Rupees payday.

The amount of traders that make a million Rupees is quite vast. I’d say that the majority of traders who work for popular Stock Trading firms are able to achieve the big six-figure payout. That’s the beauty of being backed by not only the money of a big company but also the expertise and knowledge that is often handed to you when you have such a job at such a firm.

For home traders it’s hard to know how many are actually successful with their trading, but I’d have to say that the percentage is quite low. Home traders usually have a limited amounted of cash at their disposal and sadly most of of that money gets eaten up by the steep learning curve that’s needed to learn how to trade.