This product has been designed specifically for those who are doing trading for living. In this segment we don’t take any subscription charge at the beginning (only a nominal registration charge, which is refundable after 3 month) , we take charge only then when profit comes. Profit sharing ratio – in every week whatever profit comes you have to share 25% gross profit. If any loss occurs then it will be carry forwarded to next call. First we will recover the losses then we will take charges from profit amount. The other key features of the product are::

  • 1-3 calls will be given every week on an average.Every call has a holding period of 1-3 days.
  • The calls given in this package will be for Stocks future and Mcx future segment only based on your segment choice.
  • Calls timing is fixed in this pack. All calls will come 10 minute before market closing.
  • You will get a add script sms before actual call so that you can add that script in your market watch.
  • All calls given via whatsapp only. So that you can receive it fast. All follow up will given till the call finished.
  • We are not responsible for excuse like-- (1)Trading not done (2) Margin not available (3) Broker cut client’s position (4) Client is out of town so trading was not done (5) Broker was not receiving the phone.
  • 12000-20000 Rupee profit expected in one call in 2 Lot trading lot. You have to share profit, based on minimum 2 lot on every calls.


Registration = Rs 9999 (Refundable)

Profit Sharing = 25% ( Weekly Basis)

Available Payment Options

Sample Calls:

Positional Services
Only @ 280
Target- Later
SL- Later